Behind Door Number 2.....

Drum roll    


I was hoping the PET scan would reveal where the primary tumor is residing. But it did not.

Wow. I was warned about this subset of cancer patients that struggle to find their primary cancer.

This seems so unfair and rotten. It should not be allowed. That and kids getting cancer. And dogs and cats.

I do have another malignant lymph that needs treatment or surgery.

I have been told it is stage 3.

I'm not looking on the internet.

I'm going for an MRI of my brain and second opinion at NYU.

Praying. Eating Vegan. Playing ball with my dog Loki.

Watching Will Farrel movies with Tim.

That's all I got.

Any suggestions?

I'm gonna learn from this and beat it.

It's my 15th sober anniversary.

It's not the usual gift but I'm sure I'll benefit from it.

Thanks Cancer.

Now hit the bricks!

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