Makeing "Songs Of Revolution Songs Of Peace" & "The (Secret) Adventures Of Scruffy MacMuffin"

Happy New Year!

Wishing you peace and your hearts desire in 2019.


  My 2 new projects for 2019

Songs Of Revolution Songs Of Peace


The Secret Adventures Of Scruffy MacMuffin

Children's bedtime Stories, cartoon and video.



I have been blessed to have the fabulous artist and human being,

Nona Hendryx, as my mentor and close friend for many years.

 I try to do whatever she tells me to do. ;)


In 2016 during one of check in lunches, she asked what I was working on.

I told her I had two projects I wanted to do.

One, A CD of iconic peace songs and original songs about inner revolution.

Two, a children's book and CD about the senior shelter dogs my husband and I had adopted over the past ten years.


She roughly said, "Do the dog project.

Everybody's sick of peace. It's been done to death."



As I said I TRY to do what she tells me to do.


Both projects took along time to complete.

I started writing the stories,

"The Secret Adventures Of Scruffy McMuffin" in the winter of 2016.

I recorded it's companion CD, Dog Vacation,

 in the summer of 2016 with Jon Cobert and Tim Ouimette.

(The most FUN CD I have EVER recorded)


I recorded the basic tracks for the CD "Songs Of Revolution Songs Of Peace" on the last day of 2016.

(I don't ALWAYS listen to Nona)

Tim and I worked on overdubs and mixes starting in the summer of 2017 until December 2018 when we had the lovely and talented Wayne Warnecke master all the songs!


Singing and songwriting are what I do.

I feel so helpless about everything we are bombarded by in the news.

"Songs Of Revolution Songs Of Peace" is my way to advocate for inner and world peace.


I feel so disgusted that roughly 5000 shelter animals are killed every day in the US to create space for more unwanted pets.

"The Secret Adventures Of Scruffy MacMuffin" and "Dog Vacation" are my way to spotlight the plight of senior shelter pets and to try to ban kill shelters.


Check them out:



                         I hope you enjoy them both.

I want to sing these songs with people all over the world!

I want to create a model for a community pet shelter and adoption center and ban kill shelters!


           The Revolution Starts Inside YOU!

"Kindness, Compassion Respect, Woof"  Scruffy MacMuffin


Thank You, Nona, for Everything.