"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi ”


I have been working on a children's book called The Secret Adventures of Scruffy MacMufiin and a CD called Dog Vacation for the past year. Both projects are about the senior shelter dogs and cats that my husband and I have adopted or fostered over the past decade. What a fun and surprisingly arduous project! Big, BigThanks to Tim Ouimette and Jon Cobert who co produced the CD and Kathleen Kent for giving me suggestions and courage to write the book!
Dog is Love           Senior shelter pets Rule!

Be an advocate for World Peace. Donate to www.seedsofpeace.org Download my song World Peace For Christmas as my thank you!

NY Musicians For Peace

I got so sick of all the recent tragedies of racism and violence, sick of feeling powerless, sick of standing in my living room yelling at the tv, that I asked some of my friends to raise their voices with me for brotherhood and peace. We share this powerful message with you, written by John Lennon, in the hopes that you will raise your voice with us and share it with everyone who wants a world that is color blind and nonviolent.
Thank you:

 Tim Ouimette, Gary Schreiner, Jon Cobert, Sammy Merendino, Alex Alexander, Will Lee, Ira Siegel, Leon Pendarvis, Lisa Ratner, Ed Xiques, Rick Kriska, Ken Jioffre, Loiuse Baranger, Art Triggs, JC Santalis, Keith Anthony Fluitt, Darryl Tookes, Holly McCracken, Ada Dyer, Sandy Farina, Eugene Ruffolo, Russ Velasquez, Sheryl Marshall, Emily Bindiger, Janie Barnett, Cindy Thrall, Erik Boyd and all the rest who were there in spirit. I am honored and moved by your talent and heart. 

Thank you for singing out with me.                                               Nam Myho Renge Kyo
                        "You May Say I'm A Dreamer. But, I'm Not The Only One." John Lennon