The Bell Of Hope

I rang the Bell of Hope on June 3rd. The day of my last Opdivo infusion. for metastatic Melanoma.

Since then, I have been too busy to write this final blog about my journey dealing with/healing Cancer.


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One Year Cancer Free Today!

"You're cancer free, Kathi" my surgeon said. I was waking up from surgery, groggy but aware of the recent assault on my body, as if from a distance. Gotta admit, the pain stepped in front of the awesome news that…

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Cancer: My Greatest Teacher

A year ago, right about now, I stood up and felt a pain at the top of my left leg. I felt two lumps. My heart sank. I knew something wasn't right.

And so it began, my journey down…

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All Clear

My third set of scans came back Cancer free! Whew! 
The stress of having regular scans to check for any new recurrence has demanded I develop a mental agility and inner strength to navigate myself through it.  
They are easily…

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Cancer Road: Our Broken Health Care System

Our Broken Health Care System

I get a denial letter every time my Dr. asks for any treatment needed for Cancer.

I have learned to not react to these letters. My doctors office has to submit these requests…

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A Hard Days Night

It's magical when you fall so in love that it directs the course of your life.

The Beatles.

I first heard The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show. My sister somehow got my mother's permission to wake me…

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First Scans  All clear! No Cancer! Whew Hoo!

I did the scans on Monday and got the results on Thursday.

Talk about Thy will be done.

I applied for the WTC 911 victim fund for people who…

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Eva Cassidy

I had heard her sing before and knew she was good. This past weekend my brother in law Jerry played me a few of her songs and I was really blown away. I heard she died young. 

I had…

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My Post Op Journey Hello Sit Ups

I started doing them again. First time since surgery in May.

Fantastic! I've never appreciated or enjoyed them this much!   (lol)

Rebounder  mini trampoline

So good for your lymph system and so much fun!

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The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the Serenity to

Accept the things I cannot change.

The Courage to change the things I can.

And the Wisdom to know the difference.


The Serenity prayer is one of the most…

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"Knock Knock." "Whose there?" "Mortality."

"What the. ...?" Eyes wide. Jaw dropping.

"Sorry but, You have the wrong person." I say sternly.

"Are you Kathi McGunnigle?" it asks, glancing at a tattered scroll.

"Yes." I respond hesitantly.

"You're on the list."…

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The World Outside What Would Gandhi Do?

I have had to limit my exposure to the world outside because I need to heal.

But some things slip though. Somethings, I can not turn from as much as I would like to not know.

Words can…

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