The Waves Of Love The Winds Of Change

The Waves Of Love

The outpouring of love and help since my diagnosis has been very uplifting and beautiful.

Old friends, new friends, family and strangers. I can never thank you all enough.

I can and will pay it forward.

Life is a 'we" program.

Just when I was questioning whether I had made any meaningful bonds during my life, getting cancer showed me that I did and that I was loved.

Truly amazing. So helpful for healing.

I thought what I went through last year, helping my special needs dog, Loki, was the most powerful experience of human kindness I had ever known.

But, now, my experience with cancer and the people who have helped me is on par with that and even more intense because it is saving my life.

And, making re-evaluate EVERYTHING.

The Winds Of Change

My date with cancer was on the books for a long time.

My doctor says it is the result of sun damage from childhood.

But humans are complex beings. We are physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

I think there is more to my developing this dis-ease.

I think I had a big hand in creating an environment that allowed the cancer to flourish.

Poor reaction to Stress

Allowing toxic relationships to stay in my life

Bad Diet

Not enough exercise

Fighting to Live

I am using traditional oncology doctors and immunothereapy


Hypnotherapy with Althea at Universal Intelligence

A plant based diet

I'm following Chris Wark at

and Caren Hartglass at

I was a vegetarian for many, many years. Recently I changed to a meat filled Keto diet that I loved and lost a lot of weight on.

But I can't help but wonder if it wasn't the final brick that crushed my failing immune system, allowing the cancer to proliferate.

SGI Buddhist  Chant Nam Myho Renge Kyo

Not On My Watch

I was surprised how easy it was to get overwhelmed by the stress of life and to collapse into bad health.


I will never let this happen again. Any of it.

Not the bad health habits as a way to numb out stress or toxic relationships.

My health, physical, emotional and spiritual, is my responsibility.

And there is plenty I can do to make it better.

I am not a victim.

Detach with love or with a hatchet.

Just let go of bad vibe situations and people. Quickly.

I don't have to fix it, figure it out or rise above.

I only have to save myself.

See The Buddha nature in everyone. Forgive everyone, everything.


This is my mentor and beloved friend Nona Hendryx's song

"The Winds Of Change".

I was lucky enough to sing on the first recording.

II think it is one of the BEST SONGS Ever written.







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