The Definition of Anxiety - waiting for an appointment with an onologist.

My New definition of anxiety, long form: Waiting for a call from your oncologist, waiting for an appointment with your oncologist, trying to set up tests to find the primary source of cancer during Covid 19 when EVERYONE is not at their office.


I reach my Shirley Maclaine "Give my daughter the medicine" frenzy at least once a day!

OK, I got all that out of my system.

On the lighter side,

I am so lucky to have certain AMAZING friends that are in the Cancer field that are helping guide me through this frightening time.

Thank you Dr. Marc Demers!

Thank you Andrea Kittay!

One dietary resource I offer to everyone is

I had a very detailed and helpful consult with Caryn.

Thank You Caryn.

Hoping to hear from other people going through this now or from cancer survivors.

We will get through this together.

Love to Everyone.

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