Surgery and post op recovery: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi.

I was too overwhelmed to write.

It all went well but OMG, it is heavy. It hurts.

The first two days all I did, all I Could do, was pray and let people care for me in ways I've never done before.

Lets just say All self sufficiency and privacy went out the window. My nurses were so kind.

Their names are:

Maryl, Shawn, Alisa, Austin and Valerie. THANK YOU.

I went home after 4 days. It was tough. I had to go the the ER the second night because I had developed blood clots in my arm where the IV had been inserted.

It's all getting better, day by day.

  But, wow. Surgery goes first on my Never again please, list.

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