The World Outside What Would Gandhi Do?

I have had to limit my exposure to the world outside because I need to heal.

But some things slip though. Somethings, I can not turn from as much as I would like to not know.

Words can not adequately express my sadness and disgust over the recent murder of, yet another African American, George Floyd.

My heart goes out to his family and all African Americans who live with this awful, ugly racist environment in the United States. I despair over the cruelty of some human beings. I feel a wave of shame to be white and an American. But, who I am is not the color of my skin. I am the contents of my heart.

Why are these racist idiots allowed on the police force? I am so glad people have taken to the streets. I'm a practicing Buddhist and I would like to eliminate ALL violence BUT I can't help but think Maybe the violence will catch their attention and demand a change in who is hired to be a police person. But I sure don't want to see innocent business people or bystanders hurt. I am with everyone on the streets in spirit.

But then I chant

Nam Myho Renge Kyo

and think

What Would Buddha Do?

What Would Jesus Do?

What would Gandhi Do?

What Would Martin Luther King do?

What Would Nelson Mandela Do?

If they changed unacceptable racist behaviors and environments through non violence, so can we.

But we need to rise up and demand change.

They will not give it to us.

We need to unite. For real.

I love my Buddhist practice because it includes and values EVERYONE.

I am going to enjoy this beautiful day in my garden, with my husband and my pets,

so grateful for my health and my life, but with a very heavy heart.