My husband and I wrote this for our rescuce dog, Simba. He is the black dog in the photo. He was 10 years old when he came to live with us. Some idiots abandoned him at a kennel. When the kennel finally cornered the owners and said come get your dog, they said, "Euthanize him, We don't want him anymore. we are having a baby!" What great parents huh? He was the most wonderful, gentle, spririt and Our great love. My muse, too! I wrote many songs for him.
Can't wait to see him in Dog heaven.
Rescue Pets Rule!


I Labr Adore You
Kati Mac Tim Ouimette

I Labr Adore You
Befor you
I place my heart
Just like the heavens above dear
my love
knows no ending or start
Rolling in the grass
or howling uner the moon
I see your furry face
I fall into a swoon!
I Labr Adore You
Simba, I give you my heart

your black and white toes
your cute speckled nose
all go to expose
how grand you are!

I Labr Adore You
Simba, I give you my heart