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I Don’t Know When
Kati Mac BMI Baby Munsta Music
Annie Robeff SESAC Zowa Music SESAC

Seasons come seasons go
Love runs hot love runs cold
Got me feeling like I'm growing old
The things you did you told me so

Who knows if who knows when
We can ever meet as friends
Think of now and baby think of then
Who'd ever think our love would end

Sometime baby we just drifted apart
We just drifted apart
Something must have left your heart
But I don’t know how and I don’t what
I don’t know when

People say my heart will mend
Time will heal I’ll start again
But I miss my lover and I miss my friend
I want those good times back again

Something done something said
Chased away all the feelings we shared
But I don’t know what and I don’t where
I don’t know when

Some time baby all the feelings died
Some time love just passed us by
But I don’t how and I don’t know why
I Don’t Know When
I Don’t Know When