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The short stories of An Average, Unassuming, 9-5 Canine Superhero Solving Problems and Doing Good Deeds Just because he can! With a twitch of his nose and floppy ears standing straight in the air, a loveable, white, mix breed pooch from the dog shelter named “Mighty Dog”/ “Pookie” becomes the fearless and humble canine superhero, Scruffy MacMuffin. Fur-raising trouble and adventure abound in his small town of Lake Carmel NY. Come along with Pookie (Scruffy MacMuffin Superhero) as he anonymously does good deeds and helps his neighbors when they are in trouble. His pack mates Zippy ZuZu, Mr. Woove, and his cousin Frankie help in the secret adventures, too! Hear the songs in the book from the CD Dog Vacation at designed cover and interior and revised stories! Editor: Anne Kane Illustrator: Awwibi Mr Book Design: Rebecca Stone Songs: Kati mac Creative Director: Kathi McGunnigle

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