Behind Door Number 2.....

Drum roll    


I was hoping the PET scan would reveal where the primary tumor is residing. But it did not.

Wow. I was warned about this subset of cancer patients that struggle to find their primary…


"The Waiting Is The Hardest Part"

Tom Petty was right, the waiting IS the hardest part.  Being told you have cancer, melanoma it turns out, isn't a day at the beach but waiting to get an appointment for the test you need to find the primary…


"Do I Have Your Attention?"

In my dream, I am running along the shore and then into a small seaside town, like the one in "Doc Martin".

Someone is trying to kill me. I am running and hiding. Scared.

I wake up with…


"Unfortunately, you have Cancer."

I started tuning out at unfortunately because I knew what was coming. It couldn't be true. I feel too good.

I dutifully repeated the information to let my doctor know I had heard and understood what he had just…