"The Waiting Is The Hardest Part"

Tom Petty was right, the waiting IS the hardest part.  Being told you have cancer, melanoma it turns out, isn't a day at the beach but waiting to get an appointment for the test you need to find the primary tumor is worse. Waiting to see the Dr is worse.  Waiting about six weeks to start treatment is worse. I'm hoping my melanoma is waiting to metastasize as politely as I am being asked to wait to get important, life saving tests.

I can't believe this is how people with a serious illness are treated. Covid is also slowing everything down.

So frustrating.

If you don't think we need to get rid of privatized medicine and the greedy souless insurance companies that accompany it, I invite you to sit in my seat.

The waiting is the hardest part.

But I will not let it take my whole day.

I got music to write and songs to sing.

The Serenity prayer is on repeat in my head.

I love Tom Petty.



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